10 Young Adults Owning the Entrepreneurship Scene

online entrepreneurs

It is not too late to start thinking about your purpose in life and getting started NOW.

Terrified? Don’t be, because the sooner you fail the better your chances of winning and making your win last. I’m serious.

This post is an impactful one, one that I hope will get you out of your seat and lalaland and into action. My wish is that by the time you are through reading, you will make the decision to ethically “stalk” them and take massive action to do what you have been called to do.

In no particular order, here are 10 young entrepreneurs who are killing it in the online business world.

1) Anita Wing Lee

Anita is probably the one person who has made me slap myself out of a mixture of anger, excitement and made me go “What have I been doing with my life?” At 24, she is carving a niche for herself in the career and networking industry for millennials who want to start living authentically.

Anita Wing Lee is a transformational coach who guides aspiring changemakers, ambitious students and young professionals to become their most brilliant, fearless selves. 

She has successfully guided, coached and mentored a rising generation of millennials to create lives of total freedom, where they get paid for their passion and meaningfully contribute to the world.

She has also landed epic, paid, travel internships in university, where she got paid to work in and travel to 21 countries by the time she graduated university, and she teaches them how to network authentically so that they can land the jobs perfect for them.

2) Tayo Rockson

At 20-something, Tayo is the CEO and president of UYD Media, a media company that encourages people all over the world to use their difference to make a difference while celebrating diversity and educating others.

If you are Nigerian and thinking small, Tayo is everything that will challenge your thinking and almost convince you to re-evaluate your life plans. Okay, I exaggerated. But I have no doubts that he possesses superhuman powers to inspire you to be the change that we seek in Nigeria.

And guess what? I recently discovered that his full name is Akintayo. How sweet!!!

3) Kola Olaosebikan

You may know this lady. She once set the Nigerian online community on fire for expressing her views unabashedly. But she’s unapologetic and she’s for real.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Kola Olaosebikan relocated to the United States out of a desire to make a difference. Over the years, she has been involved with orphan care initiatives in Uganda, Congo, Haiti, UAE, Nigeria, and Mexico.

You can read all about her bio on her about page (I promise she’ll make you swoon!) but what’s sweet about Kola is that she is a beautiful writer and she loves playing on Twitter!

4) Mariah Coz

Maria is a rockstar business and blogging coach who delivers nothing short of amazing in her emails and blog posts.

Maria is the founder of Femtrepreneur, a resource for young women pursuing creative self-employment, entrepreneurship, and kicking ass in online business. She’s also a serial entrepreneur, rock star, sustainability advocate, public speaker, and lifestyle architect.

P.S. I recommend her free email course, Build a Profitable Blog. It’s absolutely amazing!

5) Jen Carrington

I found Jen first. Then Maria’s blog came later. What attracted me to Jen’s online space was her simple but elegant blog design.

Jen is a 23 year old creative coach based in Manchester, UK. After graduating in 2013 with a degree in Social Work, she decided to pursue a life of creative freedom with a focus on the written word, content strategy, and creative coaching. She works with creative entrepreneurs to help them unlock the potential of their online presence through her coaching programs and value-packed newsletters.

Oh, she has a podcast called Make it Happen where she interviews other creatives like her.

6) Maya Elious

Maya helps passionate entrepreneurs add value and purpose to their business in order to help them earn a consistent income. Her company, BRNDWCH, specializes in design strategy and implementation for bloggers, coaches, authors and speakers who want to increase their income, independence and impact.

In November 2013, she made the biggest and best decision of her life. She went from a part-time employee, a part-time student, and a part-time designer to a full-time entrepreneur.

She just recently launched her new course, Blogademics, an online course for creative women who want to build and monetize an online business/blog. And she has great style!

7) Amanda Genther

Amanda started her business when she was 20 years old, in college, freelancing for an online children’s clothing resale shop.

Through her passion for helping women play bigger in business, Amanda Genther helps purpose-driven women entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by providing personality-inspired design + next-level strategy for their online courses.

Her business and website is drool-worthy but what is breathtaking are the premium packages she offers her clients.

She is also the creator of Irresistible Sales Pages, an online course that teaches women entrepreneurs how to become their own sales page stylists so they can launch with confidence and make more sales.

8) Felicia Spahr

Felicia is a leadership and charisma coach in her mid 20s. Her clients range from CEOs, top executives, engineers, entrepreneurs, professors, etc. Let that sink in.

She also runs a personal blog and suite of information products to help people master the art of social skills, personal magnetism, and persuasion at work and in their personal lives. She’s the author of the book, Selling for Success, and has been featured on several blogs/magazines.

Fel, as she is fondly called, is amazingly down-to-earth. I have exchanged emails with her and I believe she is well on track to becoming a force to reckon with in professional development world!!

9) Ashley Tucker

Ashley is awesome. Seriously. Ashley is seriously killing it in a male-dominated field.

Ashley is a Federally Licensed and Bonded Auto Transport Broker with a roster of clientele ranging from corporate executives and real estate brokers to physicians and attorneys.

With a decade of experience in auto relocation and transportation logistics combined, she’s regarded as an industry thought leader and is highly sought after by various auto relocation companies for her consulting services.

In other words, she drives big trucks, makes lots of money doing it, and is respected by big people for that. Big up, Ashley!

10) Praise Eronmosele

She doesn’t know it but she made this list. I know Praise, have dined with her, and worshiped with her. And I can tell you that she is one of the craziest entrepreneurs I have ever known.

At 18, she boldly proclaimed that she will blaze her own path by starting her own nanny and childcare business. Today, she is the founder of Sorock Childcare LLC in Moorhead, MN, a company that promises top notch childcare when you need it. Her business employs people from different backgrounds and her clientele come in all forms and shapes, and I predict that she is well on ground to make 7 figures real soon.


What are you waiting for? I don’t know about you but I am mighty inspired.

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The One Thing You Need to Know About Fear

One thing about fear

Something happens every time you start something. You either finish it or you quit half way.

I’ll be honest; I’m not an expert when it comes to finishing projects. In fact, I have way too many unfinished manuscripts (surprise, surprise!) on my desktop than I have completed.

But I have noticed something in me. I have an entrepreneurial streak that won’t go away with dancing and watching some YouTube videos. I have also noticed that I just CAN’T take God out of my writings (Trust me, I tried!) just to make a buck or two.

So, I have done two things. I have made it a goal of mine to complete two projects that I designed before the end of this year.

  • Goal #1: Create a FREE mini-course that combines my passion and skill
  • Goal #2: Create a paid E-course that addresses a problem which will be offered to my subscribers and friends!

I am 80% done with goal #1 and just started on goal #2. It is liberating to know that I can commit to something and follow it, regardless of what the outcomes would look like. I guess this is my way of saying…we’ll have to wait and see!

But what really is my point here?

The truth is that you have something inside of you that others want and are willing to pay to know. You have been gifted with something that is unique to you…just you. To prove my point, nobody has the same expression as you when you smile…even if what made you smile is accessible to everyone!

So why do you hold back from sharing your gifts with others?

Fear. Simple, familiar, eerie…fear. It holds you back and feeds your consciousness with limiting beliefs, emotions that arise from doubt.

But the simple truth is this: God created you, and because He himself is a creative person, you are creative and talented beyond your doubts.

The marketplace is yours. This earth is yours to walk on. Your message is meant to be heard. Your dreams are meant to be lived. Your hands are meant to touch…give love…receive love…and heal. You get my message.

You are meant to do something, and that doing requires action.

So what’s that one thing about fear…

Fear requires that you stand still or run.

The one thing about fear: fear requires you to stand still or run (click to tweet)

Forget about your feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness. That’s not the real deal. What happens when you’re afraid is that you fail to take a step forward so you either choose to remain or flee to “protect yourself.”

However, your impact won’t be felt if you don’t take a step. You won’t make waves if you don’t connect with your purpose and your calling. You will always be waiting to get ready because you won’t ever feel ready.

I have been talking about purpose for the last two weeks because I believe it is really the foundation for every business or personal decision we make. If you’re able to make good, conscious decisions regarding who you choose to hang out with, you shouldn’t gamble away your destiny.

I will be holding myself accountable and finishing up goal #1 in the next 5 days. Can I get an amen to that? (Lol). But I really want you to do the same.

Now tell me, what is holding you back from completing your tasks?

5 Tips on How to Strengthen Your God-Given Purpose

God-given purpose

I love hearing stories about people living purposeful lives. I also love the feeling I get when I am doing exactly something that I have been called to do. I know I have been called to do them because God has equipped me with the skills and the anointing to withstand changing seasons.

But it’s not always easy to stay grounded in purpose.

I have been talking about purpose for a while now and with good reason. You see, every time you wake up and take a breath, you should ask yourself whether you’re preparing for a meaningful and purposeful day or just living on the fly. While a life on the fringes of uncertainty definitely has its thrills and sparkles, it is chaotic if it lacks direction and purpose.

I want you to start living in your purpose and strengthening it, so here are 5 tips on how to do just that.

1) Spend more time in prayer

I certainly don’t do this as much as I would love to. However, tarrying in His presence is very crucial to every individual who identifies as a messenger. To to determine what God really wants you to say, seek His voice.

I sometimes have dry moments––moments where I struggle to come up with something inspirational or moving. Then I remember that if the branch is cut off from the root, it has been deprived of its source and will not live for too long.

Sometimes God commands me to get up and walk. In my walk, I might come across a natural phenomenon which ultimately becomes a teaching moment for me. I have come to love and appreciate the relevance of these teachings, as ill-timed as they sometime seem.

Note: With each command comes an assignment, and it is in the midst of obedience that your miracle shows up.

2) Seek a Mentor/Coach

If there is any life or professional advice I would give to anyone it is this: get a mentor. I don’t care if your dream is to become a teacher, a baker, or a preacher. Get. a. mentor.

Align yourself with messengers who spoke the truth, who have been where you are, and are where you want to be. And be very selective about this! This doesn’t mean that some teachers/preachers/ministers are bad. It just means that you need to be careful about who you let sow seeds into your life.

There are people waiting for you to get started, people God has commissioned to pour into you. Find them!

3) Get out of YOUR way

Sometimes we are our own biggest distraction. We have been given a mandate from heaven but we spend too much time analyzing how qualified or under qualified we are.

If God meant for you to do what he has called you to do, He will equip you with the skill and personality that is unique to you. Don’t waste too much time trying to figure it all out. Don’t get ahead of yourself by comparing your lifestyle to somebody eles’s. All it does is take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

You are enough. Your feelings don’t define you. You are more than able. (Tweet this).

4) Start pouring out into other people


Now here’s the thing: You can only deliver as much as you’ve been given so this nicely ties back to number one. But when you start seeking for ways to serve others you strengthen your God given purpose.

God did not create you to marvel at your brilliance in secret. He very much aspires for you to be useful, to be a problem solver, to be a safety net to someone, to be a teacher, a giver, whatever it is you were called to do.

But until you appreciate the little opportunities to serve, your true calling will stay hidden to you.

5) Listen wisely

Don’t miss this step. In addition to listening to God, listen to what others are saying. Of course this goes with the saying that you need to be careful who you let pour into you.

But I’m talking about people who have been assigned by God to mentor and counsel you.

Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors they are established. Proverbs 15:22

When you miss this step, you will take so many detours on the journey called life  I have missed several opportunities because I heard but I did not listen. Then again, I lost precious opportunities because I listened to the wrong voices.

What to Do When No One Believes in Your Purpose

what to do when no one believes in your

Photo Credit: Chris Sardegna

I have tried some pretty rad things with this blog. I moved away from my blog to our blog, and I sought ways to incorporate this into my message. Then I added some things, cut out others while figuring out who I am and what I stand for.

While it took me forever to figure out the purpose for my blogging, I had a solid cheerleader from day one who followed me through every tunnel of discovery.

This is not the case for everyone. There is someone reading this who has seen the light but is afraid because of the lack of support he or she currently experiences. There is someone reading this who is simply discouraged. Because the world…your world doesn’t have any cheerleader.

I am not saying I have never experienced the isolation that dreamers like you experience; I have. Pretty intense stuff. But I have learned what to do when no one believes in my purpose. [Read more…]

In Just 90 Seconds, You can Help Me Serve You Better!

Blog surveyHey there!

One of the most important things we need to learn is the art of pivoting. This is just a fancy word for recognizing the shifts in seasons and listening to that still voice telling you to expand or step into new territories.

It is the same for Worship & Swag. This blog is not going anywhere. However, one word that has been dancing on my mind is optimization.

It means getting a better picture of who my ideal reader is and how to better serve him/her. It means scaling back on some things, better branding, better packaging, and one big platform to house all the crazy ideas that God has for this blog. Not only that, it’s about having a strategic plan in place to make sure that you stay longer on this site and are able to find everything you need.

I have turned down several requests for collaboration on this blog and before I turn down several others, I want to help position Worship & Swag for success.

To get you started, I have created a blog reader survey that you can complete in 90 seconds or less. In just 90 seconds, you can help me serve you better.

All you have to do is enter your responses and they will be computed electronically. You don’t have to worry about being too honest; it is totally anonymous!

Click here to complete the blog survey in just 90 seconds. Thank you!

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